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Ganesh Mantra

When any brahmin or Guru read ved or puran first they read or say the Ganesh Mantra. Why Ganesh mantra is compulsary to read before the Puran or Ved. All the hindu religion is confused here. They don't know the actual answer of this. Today i will say this answer. Yes it is compulsary to read ganesh mantra before and after to read the any hindu holy book.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parwati. Shiva is the Tri dev of the hindu god. Shiva has different name sa Mahadev. Bolanath, Sankar or other more.Parwati is the wife of Shiva. Shiva has a total 2 son Ganesh and Kartik. The Wahan(Vechicle) of ganesh and Kartik is Mouse and Peacock. Ganesh love to eat the Sweat

When the ganesh is born than the shiva is goes to the meditation. Shiva doesn't know about the ganesh. Ganesh is born when the parti is Washing his clothes. Ganesh is very cute. Ganesh is smart and good.

In oneday Shiva is get up from the medation. Than goes to kailash parvat Sent message to parvati from his bhakt Nandi (ox). In another side parvati is inside the room and  order to the ganesh no one come to my room. Ganesh is sitting in the window. Now ganesh is the watch man of the Parvati.

When the Nandi (ox) comes to sent message to he parvati than ganesh didn't goes inside the room of parvati. Nandi say shiva is send me. Actually Ganesh is also doesn't know the Shiva. Ganesh don't know any things about her father. Than the Nandi again goes to the Shiva and all of the incident say to the shiva.

Shiva againi say go and send message to parvati. if any one distrube to you than say i will send you. This time 2 Nandi goes to the parvati room. In the door of the parvati room ganesh doesn't give and enter to the parvati room. Say the shiva or Maha Dev sent me. Again shiva does not give enter to the Nandi.

First worship with Ganesh mantra

Nandi goes to the shiva. Now the shiva is very angry. Shiva goes to the Parvati room. Again ganesh stop to the shiva. Ganesh block the Shiva and does not goes to inside the parvati room. In other side of parvati does not know the shiva is get up from meditation. Doesn't know for this all incident. 

Shiva say i want to meet the parvati. Doesn't block the door. Ganesh again block the door. Shiva say who is you. In some times than battle was start from the Ganesh and Shiva. Shiva is attack with his weapon Trisul to the head and ganesh Head and body is divided into types. Parvati don't know what happen outside.

Parvati comes the outside and see the Ganesh is deead. Parvati angry and all god know the this incident and Come the Ganesh dead place. Parvati request to the shiva to join is body. Shiva is know ganesh is my son. Shiva doesn't join his old head to hte body and send the Nandi to find the new human head. Nandi searching the dead nandi doesn't find any head. If nandi ask to give her or his head than any one doesn't give his head.

Their is one elephant that is ready to giving his head. Nandi and elephant head is goes to the shiva. Than shiva join the Elephant head to Ganesh body. Ganesh is get up and see head and face is difference. Than All of the god Brahma vishu and other give the blessing. 

At last Shiva is Blessing to the ganesh. Shiva say Before or after the read or puran first worship to you and your name or your name Mantra.

It is the stroy behaind to worship the ganesh mantra or ganesh to read ved or puran. So the hindu celebrate the ganesh chaturthi. Ganesh chaturthi is the most popular worship day to the ganesh. In nnext post we will say the important to worship to the ganesh in ganesh chaturthi.

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