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What is the Holy book of Hindu - krishna quotes

Ved and Puran

There is the many holy book of hindu. Hindu is the third biggest religion in this world. If you don't know the holy book of hindu than you are come to right place to know the holy book of hindu. Actually Holy book of hindu is difficult to read Because it is write in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit Language is difficult to read. Due to the difficult to know the holy book of hindu so the name of holy book don't know and how many holy book have hindu they also don't know. 

Hindu divided the time in 4 Yuga. In three yuga their is hindu holy book written. Actual the histroy of holy hindu book is mystrious don't know the author of book. In some condition the hindu monks predict the author of book. 

There is mainly 4 ved. All ved written in sanskrit language. Don't know who is the author of ved. Inside the ved their is author of ved that is Brahma. Brahma is the creature of earh and the universe. Here is one condition some of people doesn't believe the brahma is the authoer of Ved they say the author of ved is Hindu Monks. It is difficult to say the who is the real author of ved.

Except the ved their is other holy book of hindu that is Puran. Their is total 18 puran. As the report of hindu religion the author of Puran is Monk. How many monk involve to write is puran we don't know. Only some of Monk are mention in Holy book.

There is also two biggest Hindu novel. Ramayan and mahabharat. Ramayan is written in Treta yuga. Mahabharat is written in Dwapar Yuga. It in intresting fact the biggest novel of the world is mahabharat and Ramayan. It is also written in the Sanskrit language. Due to the sanskrit language it is not famous in western culture.

List the Holy book of Hindu Ved and Puran

The holy book of Hindu are listed below:

Ved are listes below

1) RigVeda
2) SamaVeda
3) Yajurved
4) Atharavaveda

Puran are listes below

1) Brahma
2) Padma
5) Devi bhagavata
6) Naradeya
7) Markendeya
8) Agneya
9) Bhavishya
10) Brahmavaivarta
11) Lnga
12) Varaha
13) skanda
14) Vamana
15) Kurma
16) Matsya
17) Garuda
18) Brahmanda

It Is the list of the 4 veda and the 18 puran. Their is also one holy book of hindu but that book is not a puran and Veda. That is Bhagavad gita. 

Description of Ved

Rig veda is the collection of the 10,600 verse. What is the inside of rig vada. It is mainly question to ask in internate. Inside the Rig vad there is What is the rule of humanity. Rig vad say make a human. It is myth Rig ved does not say make or follow the Hindu religion say first give priority to make a Human.

Sama Ved has a mainly divided into two parats. First part is gana and the second part is archick. I Sama Yed their are totaly 1875 verse. It is a fun fact in Sama Yed Some mantra are repeted.

Yajur Ved has more than the 1875 verse number. Yajur ved is the second most famous ved in hindu culture. Inside the Yajur ved their is Describe the god.  Yajur ved say that the how to worship the god.

Atharavaveda is gives the sourses of vedic culture. It is say about the Monks culture. In atharavaveda mantra are repeated from the Rig Ved and Yajur Ved. Atharavaveda say that the important of Brahmacharya and How to make our body healthy.

Description of Puran

In every puran their is describe the Life story of god. In shiva puran their is mainy describe the life of shiva. How to shiva and Parwati marrige. How to birth ganesh. Shiva puran is mainly focus in the Loard Shiva.

In Bhavisya puran there is describe the incedient of future. What happen in future. There is also describe the many disease that attack in future. Human beings forget the Humanity and does not respect the god and Doesn't follow the religion. Bhavisya puran is famous in hindu culture. In Bhavisya puran Vishu take the last avatar as a Kalki avatatar. Bhavisya puran is the future of our earth. 

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