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vidur in mahabharat

Vidhur is the born in the Hastinapur. Vidur is the princess and minister of Hastinapur. Vidhur is the Yamraj Avatar. Yamraj is the king of hell. Vidhur is also the author of vidhur nitit book. Vidur is the character of Mahabharat. If don't know about the Vidur and Vidur niti. Than you comes to right place to know the vidur life stroy.

Vidur is the son of vichitravirya. Vichitravirya have a  total three son. Pandu, Dhritarashta and vidur. Most intesting fact is that vidur is not official son of vichitravirya wife. So, vidur is the step brotherof pandu and dhritarashtray. So the law of Hatinapur doesn't give to make the king of hastinapur. The vidur is the prime minister of hastinapur. Now the pandu and dhritarashtray is the choices of hasnitapur to makes the king.

Hastinapur citizen choose the pandu to make a king. Hastinapur law is say that always give pioroity to make the king as a big brother. Pandu is smaller than Dhritarashtrya. When the dhritarashtray make as a king than vidur doesn't give position of king. He say the blind person doesn't handle the kingdom. If we make the blind person king than enemy will attack our kingdom. Than pandu make a king. As a some reason Pandu goes to (VANVAS). Than Dhritarashtya make a king.

In the mahabharta age the two person is mostly famous in modern age Vidur and Krishna. Krishna say the bhagavat gita to arjun. Vidur share the knowledge from one book. That book name is Vidur niti.

Vidur always try to stop the mahabrat war. Vidur always give the quotes to stop the war to Dhuryodhan. Vidur doesn't happy with war. He always say war is the not solution of problem. But the vidur is not successful in his work. He cannot stop the war. Than vidur write a book to save the future from war.

Vidur niti some quotes from mahabharat

1) We think always our problem then problem is continue adding the problem. If you only think about solution and our aim than problem is solve.

2) Our friends say our Behaviour. If our friend do any crime or illegal activities than we are also envolved that illegal activites. 

3) Those person son is obey the parents and wife is respect the husband than that person is live in heaven not earth,

4) Knowledge is everythings. Use of knowledge you can solve different problem. Knowledge make the difference between human and Animanls. Without knowledge human and animals have no difference.

5) Don't believe anyone or with your friend. Remain this your friends also have a best friends.

6) Fool people always say the bad things to the education people. If education person replay them this case their is no difference the fool people and educated people.

7) War is the not solution of problem. War is the destroy the humanity.

How to vidur was die?

In the mahabharat war vidur is not participate in war. Vidur has a power they can se the war from king place. Vidur always say the dhritarashtrya wat happen in war. Bhagavad gita is also start from the vidur and dhritarashtrya. Vidur also listen the bhagavad gita from krishna. According tho the view of vidhur say aboput krishna gita in last chapter of last verse of Vidur say. Those people listen carefully gita and follow the rules of gita than no one can stop that person become a succesful.

At the end of mahabharat Vidur kunti Dhritarashtrya goes to (vanvas). Vidhur is the yanraj avatar so the vidur has power to automatic leave his body. Than one day vidur automatic leave his body and goes to the hell. Yamarj is the hell of king.

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