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Vedvyas is the son of parashara. Vyas is the hindu greatest Maharsi. Vyas is divided the Ved and Written the Puran. If you don't know the intresting fact of the vedVyas than you come to the write place yo know the more information of vyas. The real name of vyas is the Maharsi vyas not vedvyas. Than you think why modern people say vedvyas.

In histroic time ved is difficult to read and classify. Vyas classified the book in the different types so the people say vedvyas. Vedvyas is the greatest author the hindu religious book. He write the puran and also the bhagaved gita, Vedvyas is very intelligent in sanskrit language. Vedvyas know the sanskrit language. He always follow the brahmacharya rules. Brahma means the god and the charya means the path. The path of the god is also known as a brahmacharya.

The ved is the only one book so their is lot of difficult to know the meaning of ved. Than vedvyas viewing this problem than he classified ved in to four types.

1) Rig ved

2) Sama ved

3) Yagur ved

4) Artharva ved

One of the most myth is famous the invented of the ved is vedvyas. In the ved their is say ved is not written vedvyas. It is only classified the ved.

Gita is say by krishna to Arjun than how to know the vedvyas.

In the mahabharat we know the vedvyas has power to stop the time and listening any things from any where. The prime minister of hastinapur vidur also have that power. At the finish of gita than Vidur say thakyou to vedvyas to give me this power that power helps to know me listen the gita from krishna. In last chapter of gita vidur is say.

Vidur is say in directly vyas has capable to listen the bhagavad gita from krishna. Gita is not  only written by the vyas. The son of shiva ganesh helps to vyas to written the gita. Vedvyas do meditation and listen the gita and say the gita vyas to ganesh and ganesh write the gita.

Maharsi vedvyas is immortals ?

Yes the maharsi Vedvyas is immortal. Vyas never die. According to the puran. Their is define the 7 immortal. They cann't die end of the kaliyug. When the Vishnu takes the kalki avatar than all 7 immortal will help to the kalki avatar to destroy the bad people from this earth.

The hindu monks say that the normal people doesn't see the 7 immortal. Only that people see the 7 immortal who can control is mind and follow the path of god means the brahmachary. In this yug the greatest monk Tulasi das meet the hanuman which is part of 7 immortals. So he can write the hanuman chalisa. Their is lot of monk which is meet the 7 immortal.

If you don't know to how to follow the brahmachary and it benifits and use than i will already post about the brahmacharya. THeir is lot of diifcuilt to follow the brahmacharya. Brahamcharya is not a easy. You can control your mind by the follow the rules of brahmacharya. 

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