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Top 21 Selfish Quotes | positive thinking selfish quotes - krishna quotes

It is a selfish people quotes those people who is selfish than this quotes is make youu to better. Selfish is a big problen of your life it can be depress you. It can de decrease you friend circle. To remove a selfish you can read different spiritual book like Bhagavad gita ved Chanakya niti other more i am already describe this book if you want to read or know the intresting fact of this book than you can visit my book section.

In my view another reason of selfish is you family duity. If you have fainance problem in past than obiously you can do lot of work to remove the fiance problem than it can be change your behaviour and you make a selfish. 

Some selfish quotes

I an already say about the two reason of selfish. If your friend say you are a selfish than think about yourself you behaviour than you are behaviour are promote yourself in any condition. Cannot accept you fault other more if you have this types of  behaviour than this quotes is not to you. Because your selfish behaviour is a problem not a hapiness. TO remove the selfish behaviour you can read different types of book in first paragraph i already describe the some book most recommand is Chanakyaniti.

If you past have some problem about your family fiance or study. Due to than problem you are solve problem that problrm solving time you cannot meet your friend you are alone. Than it is automatically change your behaviour. Than your selfish is happiness. listed some quotes to you.

* First study your behaviour. Which behaviour makes you selfish than destroy your that behaviour

* If you don't find any selfish behaviour thank see your work. The modern society doesn't want to see your good work than he can demotivate with say you is selfish. Than don't give up continue your work.

* Book is the main upon to remove your selfish behaviour.

*  It is easy to count other mistake. Coun your own mistake.

Identify some fake people to your life

If you can identify the some fake people to your life than this is your quotes.

* Test your friends when you have no money.

* Good friends is stop to do bad things.

* Read Chanakya niti or Vidur niti to learn the human psycology

* Kick out over smart friend from your life it is harm you.

* Identify who is your friend and enemy

Why monk is always happy in life

When you  think about monk you notice why monk is always happy in life. They couldnot be depress. they doesnot suffer from any disease. In one word monk has a sucess mantra. Yes the monk has a sucess mantra. Monk can do meditation and they follow the brahmacharya rules

Monk has a lot of mind power than they can ealisy identify the fake people or selfish people. If you wan to think lilkie a monk than you can be follow the brahmacharya rues and to meditation in life. Medation is the only one way to connect to the god and medation help to people to control own mind.

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