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How to do Rudrabhishek puja in shivaratri - krishnaquotes


Rudrabhishek puja

Rudrabhishek is the one of the types Puja Vedi. It is most do by Shaivisim. Shaivisim is the word comes from sanskrit language. Also Rudrabhishek is a sanskrit word. In this section we discuss the Method and procedure of Rudrabhishek to do int the Shivaratri. Shivaratri is the big day of Shiva bhakt. They worship with the Shiva by the Rudrabhishek.

Rudrabhishek is needed one shivling. Shivling is also known as lingam. Most of the peoplw confused the defination of shivgling. They don't the actual defination of shivling. They say as shivling is the linga(Anus) of shiva. I already say the some of the Sanskrit word meaning and other language word meaning word is different. Example in linga as nepali or indian language it is anus. In sanskrit linga means Pratik(Symbol of shiva).People doesnot know the sanskrit language word meaning and they compare the sanskrit word with their own language So the myth of shivlinga is famous.

What is rudrabhishek Puja? 

Rudravhishek is the Method to worship the Shiva with is Sanskrit Mantra. Actually Rudravhishek is the main weapon to worship the Shiva. It is needed a high cost becxause it neede the 12 brahmin and other material. All brahmin read the Sanskrit book Rudri. Rudri book is mainly focus to the Shiva mantra. In Rudri book there is use difficult word of sanskrit language. So need a best experience in sanskrit language. 

Most of shiva temple Rudrabhishek do reguraly all cdays and all year. In other side it can do only in the shivaratri. Shivaratri is the Pure day of loard shiva. As the see in hindu vede or puran. Their is say in the shiva ratri ahiva comes into the earth and visit the Pasupathinath temple. So some are only worship in Shivaratri

Requiredments of rudrabhishek

What is the requiredments of rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek required need a high cost. So i think so community of shaivism only do rudrabhishek in shivaratri. Their is lot of this that required in shiva ratri that are listed below:

1) 12 brahmin : Requiered the 12 brahmin. All brahmin must or compulsary vegitrain. Must know the sanskrit language and know to be read the Rudri book.

2) Yello colour Cloth: It is must required when Brahmin read the Vastram mantra. It is also requiredment to clean the Shivaling

3) Fruits : Need a fruits with that season and need all Season fruits. Mainly two types of fruits. It is use when the brahmin read the Phalam Mantra.

4) Milk : It is must requiredments. When 12 brahmin read the Rudri book than continous that milk is drop in the shivling. Minium 3 litre milk is needed.

5) Honey and sugar : It is a optional In Phalam mantr their is also can be use the Bee Honey or sugar.

6) yello colour : It is most and compulsary need it is use to decorate the shivalinga. 

7) Needsed other optional and basic materials like candle. Prasad, areca nut.

What is the cost should be pay Brahmin

Their are two types of cost should be pay a brahmin. Regular cost or irregular. In regular cost Brahmins comes to regular to participate in rudrabhishek. So community pay monthly this types of brahmin.

Irregular brahmins means they only comes 1 day to participate in rudrabhishek. In other day they can go another rudrabhishek puja. They doesn't fix where to go. It types of brahmin need a daily payments. 

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