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sadhguru positive thinkng quotes

Sadhguru is the Hindu monk. He was born in india. Sadhguru is follow brahmacharya so it was a very intelligent. He motivated people usin holy book of hindu. If you don't know about the sadhgurur than you comes right place to know the sadhguru positive thinking quotes. Sadhguru fix the problem to understand the hindu holy book. Sadhguru is the vegiterian. All celebraties ask the his dout question from hindu holy book and sadhguru give the answer of that questions.

Sadhgur always give the positive thinking quotes to the teen ager to prevent from demotivited. Today we will describe the some sadhguru positive thinking quotes.

Sadhguru quotes for positive thinking and happiness

* Alone is the power you can know the advantage of alone than you can happy in alone.

sadhguru say alone is the power you cannot demotived in alone. Gautham buddha is say walk with fool is better than walk alone. S0 you can study the advantage of alone than you can happy with alone.

* Donot things for wait to happen make them happen.

Sadhguru say donot over think your goal. donot thinks about you goal. Work hard about your goal than you can reach in your goal.

* Your thought is path of your life. What you thought that you make in your life.

Your thought is the power. Think a good thought What you think that make you in your life. Important point is that If your thought is good than your behaviour is automatically good. Your behaviour is depend your thought.

* Manage your time. Don't waste your time. Time is everythings.

Sadhguru says you can manage your time. Time is everythings. The important of 1second time is ask that people who leave train by only 1 second.

* Lot of friends means you cannot handle your time by properly. Test your friend to know the who is the real friend.

Sadhguru say if you have lot of friends than you cannot handle your time properly. YOu can identify your true friends.

* Semen is the weapon of the body. First teenager duities is prevent the semen from body.

sadhguru say protect the semen . Semen is the weapon of the body 1 drop of semen making process want to 800 drop of blood. 1 drop of semen makes the 1 month times. So protect the semen.

Why sadhguru say positive thinking quotes to teenager.

sadhguru saya positive thinking quotes to teenager because in the board exam result all the teenager depress than his or her mind is run the negative thought they can do bad work or sucide. IN the word more than 20 thousand student sucide due to fail in the exam. So sadhguru helps that student to prevent from sucide.

Due to fail exam in board all the teenager also choose the drugs. Sadhguru prevent from teenager to drugs so sadhguru wants to give him motivated with positive thinking quotes.

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