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Interesting Facts about Naga Sadhu power - krishnaquotes

The sadu is a person who think and worship the god. The sadhu are different types. But we are discuss the Naga Sadhu. According to hindu religious book naga sadhu is the shiva avatar. Naga sadu always think shiva and Bhakth of shiva. If you don't know about the naga sadhu than you come right place to know the Naga sadhu life style and How to normal people convert to naga sadhu. Let describe the naga sadhu.

Naga sadhu

Interesting fact of Naga Sadhu 

Naga sadhu is not wear a any cloth. IT doesn't wear any cloth. But the Woman Naga Sadhu wear the cloth oterwise he is ignore the cloth. They eat anything. If any normal people give any things to give eat than they can be eat other wise they cannot be eat anythings.

In some cases Naga sadhu is eat dead body of human meat. because sadhu is live in the Masan Ghat. They do meditation up to random hours. According to the sadu religion book they has capable with survive only eat air. With the help of air they can do meditation with a random month.

They can eat random things. Their vision of see this planet is difference from normal people. Naga sadhu has lot of power that power is also known as a Trantic Vidya. Most interesting fact is that they doesnot effect with any disease like common cold, yello fever or malariya. They make a strong immunity poper with the help of meditation.

The sadu life is more than normal people. the life span of sadu is more than 120 years. You cannot see the sadhu walk along in road. Sadhu is come only the big festival of hindu otherwise they will sit in Masah ghat. You can see sadhu in Shiva ratri or kumba mela.

What is power of Naga Sadhu

The Naga sadhu doesn't show off is power. it is difficult to say the power of sadhu. The religious book of sadhu and Monk say about the power of naga sadhu. we discuss what they say about the power of naga sadhu.

They is survive with only air. They can also use trantic vidya. It is most powerfull use of trantic vidya they can contol mind and living things. They use dead boby of human as a medicine. They can fly in air when they can do meditation. 

Naga Sadhu have more life span than normal people. Their life span is 120 year. Their immunity power is so strong so you cannot see the Sadu with sick or illness. 

How to convert Normal people in Naga Sadhu

All can make the sadhu. You can only pass the some exam of naga sadhu. The guru of sadhu is gives the knowledge of brahmacharya. Than you can follow the rules of brahmacharya upto 45 days. If you sucessfully follow the brahmacharya rules than you are make the naga sadhu. This is same exam of boys and girls. 

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