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Chanakya niti quotes

Aacharya Chanakya is the great philosophyof ancent time. Chanakya has the author of the Chanakaya niti book. It is the most famous book. Book is write in Sanskrit Language. If you don't know about sanskrit language than it is difficult to read. Chankya father name is Aacharya chadak. Aacharya chanakya save th the south asia land part from Alexender. All of the soth asia is divided in to the small small kingdom. Than Chanakya try to join all kindom to fight with the Alexander. No one agree eith the chanakya. Chanakya goes to Magadha kingdom because the most powerful kingdom is the magadha. The king of Magadh doesn't respect the Chanakya. King insulting the chanakya. The king give dead punishment to the chanakya.

Successfully release chankya from the dead punishment of magadha kingdom. Chanakya promise to the magdha king i will come back and destroy your kingdom. Chankaya searching the one teenager boy who is has the quality of the leadership. After the 1 month they find the one boy name is Chandraguptha Maurya. 

Chanakya teach the maura. Teach maurya to bow archer skill. Chanakya teach the Ved Puran knowledge. They teach them to read the enemy mine. Chanakya is very celever he makes the poision girls. If  poision girls bite any body than dead. Chanakya always do plaining and traning her army to fight with the Alexender and Magadha king.

After the long practice chanakya sucessfully win the Alexender. In some writer say chanakya never destroy the Alexender army. Alexender army leave the south asia because alexender weak the day by day. In other writer say with the help of poision girls and chanakya destroy the Alexender army. We don't know who is wright.

Then chankya goes to magadha because he did promise with the king of the magadha. In first attack chanakya fail. Chanakya loose. After the three or four time attem than successfully win. Than the chanakya select the new king name is ChandraGupth Maurya. Chanakya is always gives to tip to Chandragupth maurya as a how to rule a kingdom. How to development the Kindom. After the win of war than chankya niti write a some book.

Best Chanakya Niti Quotes 

There are 17 chapter in the Chanakya niti. In every chanakya niti chapter and verse say the very information things they are listed below:

In chapter 1 verse number 5: Keep away from the fool wife and stupid friend. It destroy your life.

In chapter 1 verse number 6: To fulfil your requiredment save your money or invest your  money. If any problem get your familt than spend your money to save the family.

Meaning: If your have future goal then invest your money to grow in future. If any disease are attack your family than you will send your money to save the family.

In chapter 2 verse number 3: If your son is obey and respect you. If your wife doesn't fight with you than you are in a heaven.

Meaning: Your son is good and help you and respect you. Wife doesn't fight with you. Your family respect with you than you are actually live in heaven not earth.

In chapter 3 verse number 11: bussiness is away from lust. Meditation make the strong mind and personality. Slient behaviour decrease the enemy.

Meaning:  Do bussiness in your life it is save you from the lus and other bad habita. Do meditation it builds your personality and boost your confiendence. If you have a lot of enemy and try to decsrease the enemy than follow the Slient behaviour.

In chapter 3 verse number 18: First five year love your son and daughter. when 10 years old than teach them the discipline. When cross the 18 years old than make the best friend of your son and daughter.

Meaning: Love your Childrean firstr five year. When cross the 10 years old than Teach them the Knowledge of Discipline. Make the best friend of your child when cross the 18 years old.   

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