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Brahma Kamal Plant Related to Hindu Vastu - krishnaquotes

 Brahma kamal ia the Asan of the brahma dev. Asan is the sitting place of brahma. Than you think who is the brahma. If you don't know about the brahma than you come to right place to know the lord brahma. Brahma is the god of hindu. Brahma is the creature of universe. In the puran and ved their is mention brahma as a creature of this universe. The main author of the ved is brahma. Brahma gives to the knowledge to human beings from the ved.

Ved is very diffcult so Vedvyas is divided to the ved and vedvyas make the ved more easier and readable. In the hindu puran their is all god have one animals asa vahan. Like ganesh is mouse. Shiva is Nandi. Yamraj Buffalo. All the god also have a Aasan to set a one place. Such as a brahma have a kamal flower. That is also known as a brahma kamal. Brahma kamal flower is grow in rare condition. This flower is find the himalayan region of Nepal and uttarkhand.

Brahma kamal

Brahma Kamal is effect to vastu?

According to the jyotish sastra brahma kamal is effect to the vastu. This flower is only grow in night. The rare people see this flower with properly grow. Those people see this flower with properly grow than that can change your vastu from bad to good. so hindu worship this flower. 

You cannot destroy this flower. If you destroy this flower that means your vastu is effected. Brahma kamal is also use as a medicine. According to the ayurveda their is lot of benifits. Brahma kamal is protect you from different disease. 

The smell of brahma kamal is remove from you cold fever. Only smell can remove your cold fever than it has many power to fight with human body disease. According to the monk it have also prevent from cancer. In histroic time brahma kamal is use to preveant from cancer.

How many time take to grow brahma kamal

Brahma kamal takes the lot of time to grow. According to the flower expert this flower is only grow in rare place of himalayan. Less than 5% people can only see the brahma kamal with properly grow. Other can only see this flower image or chemically prevent brahma kamal.

Brahma kamal take mare than 2 year to grow the flower. In some reason it takes more than three years. Expert want to grow this flower in terai region but they are fail to grow terai region.

Why their is no temple of brahma

Braham is the creature than why hindu doesn't celebrate or worship the brahma. It is the main question of the modern people. First we know the story of brahma. One lady cursed to the brahma. " you is the creature of the earth and universe. But no one can worship you in earh their is no temple with your name " It is the curse the brahma have. 

But their is one temple of brahma in India. Only that temple brahma is worship. IN other temple you cannot finid thw brahma is worship. I will explain the why brahma is never worship in earth.

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