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Best Lord Shiva Quotes From Ved Puran - krishna quotes


Lord shiva quotes

Lord shiva is the Tri dev of the Hindu God. Hindu is define as the shiva from different name. Shiva name are Mahadev, Sankar, Bolanath, Mahakal or other many name. It all name is belongs to the sanskrit language, In Here we will say the lord shiva quotes from different puran and ved. If you don't know the shiva and shiva quotes than you are comes in right place to know all of this things.

Shiva has a two son ganesh and Kartik. When the shiva is angry than all of the universe can destroy. So as the hindu ved or puran shiva is the Destroyer. Brahma is the creature. Also the Sadu says that shiva is also the creature and destroyof the universe. If any hindu worship the shiva than all of the mantra is start from the OM. So Om is the singh of the hindu.

Mainly hindu worship the Shiva god. At the see of two hindu country Nepal and India. Nepai is worship the shiva but other side india is also worship the shiva but Vishnu or Vishnu avatar is more worship by indian hindu. Mainly hindu is divided in two to parts. One is Vaishnavism and Shaivism. Nepal is Shaivism and South india is Vaishnavism.

There is one Shiva puran. In the shiva puran their is the complete story of shiva. How to shicva cut the ganesh head. Describe all the shiva avatar in shiva puran. What is the main reason of that avatar also describe. 

Shiva quotes

 First make the human. If you make the first human than you can success in your life.
Believe in yourself. If you can believe yourself than you are do any things.
God is every where. It is depends you how to see the gods.
Slient is decrease the enemy and Donate is increase the friendship.
Respect the teacher. Teacher is the key of your success.
Choose the perfect teacher in your life. Teacher is destroy or maintain your life.
shiva quotes from ved and puran

Your present is predict the future and Your present is predict the past. SoTime is the loop.
Your behaviour is say about your friendship type.
Fool people is very dengers because they doesn't know about the Knowledge and doesn't believe in god.
Choose the right partner in life. It can be destroy your life and you can avoid from the human society.
Focus today not past and present. 

There is no difference between animals and uneducated people. Their behaviour is same.
More eating more sleeping is increase the disease in your body.
Meditation is the weapon to remove the lust from your body. Lust is very powerful. It can be countrol your body and mind.
Oversmart people and monkey is same. Not difference in monkey and over smart people.

If lust can attack you than read the the ved. Ved is defend your lust.
Save your seman it is the weapon of your body.
Seman helps to grow your mind and build your confidence.
Animals doesn't save seman because they doesn't know the benifits of the seman. 
Father and mother is the first teacher of your life.

Energy is never die and never born. It can only transform one shape to another. So human body is dead inside the human energy it is never die. 
Donation is the best way to meet the the god. 

This is the main quotes of shiva. We will searching from this quotes in Shiva puran. Inside shiva puran shiva gives many life lesson to human. Read shiva puran to find the more shiva quotes.

Shiva avatar From shiva puran

1) Piplaad avatar
2) Nandi avatar
3) Virabhadra avatar
4) Ashwattama avatar
7)Dhurvasa avatar
8) Yatinath avatr

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