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We discuss the Lord Rama and Devi Sita. Rama is the god of Hindu religion and Sita is the Devi or Laxmi of Hindu religion. Hindu Worship the Rama and Sita because Hindu religion book say that Ram is the avatar of Vishnu and Sita is the Laxmi avatar. 

Lord Rama is also known as Ram. Rama is born in Ayodha. Sita was born in janakpur. Rama is the son of  Dasharatha. Sita is a daughter of Janak. Sita is the Princess of Janakpur and Rama is the prince of Ayodha. Rama and sita was born in Treta Yua.

Rama Guru or teacher name is Valmiki. Valmiki is the Brahmacharya. Valmiki teach to Rama and give the Knowledge of  Ved. Ved is the spiritual book of Hindu religion. In modern age of scientist does not know the author of ved. As the see in the ved there is mention the author of book is Brahma. Brahma make this universe. Brahma is a creator.

When the Rama and sita becomes the ago of marriage. Than Valmiki sent to Rama in Janakpur. Tke king of Janakpur is depress bec ause king of janakpur want to get the good habit Boys. King of janakpur goes to the place of shiva and ask them to a solution. Shiva gives him one bow and say those person who can carry this bow than person is capable to marry your deaughter.

All of the prince is come to marriage the sita. Rama is also the come. All prince carry the bow one by one but does not carry the bow. Ranva is little bit carry the bow than Ravan give up. Turn to be a Rama. Rama successfully carry and aso break the bow. Than successfully marriage between Rama and sita.

Who is Ravan. Why ravan little bit carry the bow?


Ravan is the king of Lanka. Ravan father is Brahmin and Mother is Monster. Ravan is the great Bhakt of Lard Shiva. Main fact is that the author of Shiva tandav is also the Ravan. Ravan army is very powerful. Army of ravan has capable to fight and win the king of heaven. Ravan brother name is Indrjeet. 

Ravan is so angry and he kidnap the sita. Rama and Laxman does not know were the Sita gone. Laxman is the brother of Rama. Rama and Laxman find the Garud. Garud say the Sita was kidnap by Ravan. Rama and lLaxman does not know the Ravan and Ravan place.

Then go to Kiskanda king place. Their is out come the big problem in King of Kiskanda Bali and Sugriv. Rama support the Sugriv and kill the Bali. Hanuman know the reality of rama. Then army of Sugriv Finding the Sita. Hanuman also have no idea where is Sita. Hanuman find the Garud. His Wings was cut by the Heat of sun and Garud does not fly.

Garud Know the were is Sita. Hanuman goes to lanka and find the Sita. Sita does not go with Hanuman because Sita know rama is come and kill the Ravan. Then hanum goes to place of Ravan Hanuman is catch by army of ravan. Hanuman escapr the army of ravan and destroy all the Lanka.

Human goes to kiskand and say the place of sita and go rama and army of  Kiskanda to the lanka. There is big ocean between lanka and Kanya Kumari. Then make the Ram setu bridge to go to lanka.

Army of  Ravan and army of Rama fight Last when the Ravan Comes in the battle field they sing a shiva tandav. At last ravan is killed by Rama. Rama. Then the hindu religion say the Sitaram for congratulatiopn win the battle field and destroy the Army of Ravan.

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