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Suryaputra Karna great warrior in Mahabharat - krishnaquotes

 Suryaputra Karna is Son of Kunti and Surya dev. Surya dev is the sun. In Hindu culture Surya dev is the god of Hindu and Guru or teacher of Hanuman. When Kunti is teen ager Kunti helps to one  Celibacy . That celibacy is happy when the Kunti. Celibacy gives the magic word as Sanskrit Mantra. Kunti pray which god that god comes and give you the Son. Inside that son their is quality of that god.

Kunti think that mantra is work or not work and try that Mantra. Think the Surya dev comes and gives his son. Kunti is shock now she has a one son. Kunti is teen ager and princess. Kunti gives that son in Ganga river. Adhiratha see tha Karna in ganga and adopt by Adhiratha and Radha. So the Karna is adopt by adhiratha and Radha. Karna adopt father mother is low caste.

Karna born in Satriya and adopt by the Sut. No one know the real story of Karna Only Adhiratha know the Karna is Suryaputra. Karna want learn the bow. The community doesn't give to the learn of bow. Because Sut Caste are not allowed to play or learn with weapon.

Suryaputra karna

Only brahmin and Satriya are allowed to Play and learn the weapon. Karna is goes to Guru Dronacharya to learn the bow but the guru Dronacharya he is a Sut caste than does not teach the Bow. Than Karna goes to Guru Purshuram to learn the bow. Pursuram only teach the Brahmin Karna is sut caste. Karna change his look and Karna say i am a Brahmin. 

Purshuram ready to gives him Knowledge. Purshuram teach the karna upto 12 years. Karna is master in bow. One day the Indra dev father of Arjun sent the Insect to identiyfy infornt of Purshuram karna is not a brahmin. That insect successfully do his task and Purshuram know the Karna is not a brahmin.

Purshuram gives the Cursed when you want to knowledge that time you forget my knowledge. Karna is happy he say Cursed of guru is same like a Pure water (Amrit). Karna goes to Hastinapur to prove them he was a great warrior in front of guru Dronacharya. Star a war between Karna and Arjun. Arjun is also the son of kunti. Kunti see the armor of Karna. Kunti sock when she see the Karna. 

Dronacharya doesn't like the karna. Karna is the best friend of Dhuryodhan. After the Mahabharat war is starting the Krishna is say the real identification of Karna. Than karna is shock. Karna was think Arjun is my brother. Krishna want to Karna. In field of Mahabharat Krishna want to Karna as side of Pandav. Karna choose is friend and Kaurav. Karna take a promise with is Kunti mother he cannot kill the four brother only fight with the Arjun brother. In the battle field Karna always leave his four brother.

What say krishna about the Karna in field of Mahabharat  

Krishna say the Arjun in the field of Mahabharat war Karna is genius. He always donate his Property. He respect the Guru Sanyasi Brahmin. He is a great archer. Arjun you are not a great.

He can defeat you and kill you. He have also to defeat the indra king of heaven and kill the king of heaven. He can defeat me  and kill me. I know the Karna. If some reasom Karna have his Armor than Your bow and My Sudarshan Chakra doesnot effect the karna. Karna will win karna is immortal never die if  Karna has a armor.

What Lesson life learn from Karna

Karna is the great warrior he prove in the field of Mahabharat. Karna is always respect the other people. We also respect the other people. Donate is good habit. Prove them you are correct. Prove your society and community you can do any thing as Karna make a great archer. Learn from the mistake.

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