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Ram vs Ravan Who is Better - krishna quotes

Ram vs Ravan

Ram is the Vishnu avatar and Ravan is the Shiva Bhakt. Ram is the Princess of Ayodhya. Ravan is the King of Lanka. In this modern age Lanka is also known as the Sri Lanka. If you don't know who is great or confused between Ram and Ravan who is great than you comes in the right place/. Today we will compare between Ram and Ravan. Discuss the Ramayan Last War. Ram and Ravan is the character of Valmiki Ramayan. Valmiki is the Brahmacharya. Valmiki is the teacher of Ram. In age of childhood Ram goes to Valmiki learn the weapon.

Ram is the satriya and Ravan is the Brahmin. In the view of caste Brahmin is great because Brahmin is the son of Brahma who create this nature or Brahma is the creature. Brahmin allowed to learn the weapon and Spiritual book like Ved. Satriya doesnot allowed to Learn the spipritual book only satriya learn the Weapon knowledge. 

Caste does not matter who is great. When the Ram marry Sita than Ram goes to Jungle in 14 year. There sita is kidnapped by Ravan. Ram is the obey the king and respect the citizen of Ayodha. Ravan Kidnap the sita. Ravan does not know the woman right. Actually this types person who does not know the rights of woman than person are not great.

Hanuman is better than Ravan

Who is a more powerful Ram or Ravan

 I think Ravan is the more powerful. Ravan Kept the mountain in hand. Ravan has big and more army than ravan. Ravan army has capable to win the god of heaven and god of rich Kubair. Ravan brother defeat the Indra in battle field. So that brother name is Indrajeet. 

First Ram has no army only two person their Ram and his brother. Go to kiskinda and help the King of kiskanda and make the Army of Ram. Than make the great bhakt that bhakt name is Hanuman. Hanuman find the sita and first time Goes to king place of ravan and destroy the Ravan lanka fight with son of king lanka and Hanuman win.

What say about the Valmiki whose army is more powerful. Valmiki say the army of ravan is more powerful than Ram. Army of Ravan think after the battle start We are more than the Ram army. We are easy to win and ravan army does not focus in war. In the another side ram and hanuman is motivate his army in war and army of ram is totally focus in war.

What happen in the field of war in Ramayan

Ram has a small army. Army of Ravan does not mentally strong in war. Think as the easily win. Ram army is focus in war. Due to biggest army of Ravan demotivate  the ram army. Than brother of Ravan indrjeet attack the Laxman. Laxman was injured only 12 hours left to save the Laxman. So the Hanuman goes to Himalayan region to find the ayurvedic medicine to save the laxman.

When the hanuman confused in medicine than hanuman kept the mountain and goes to Lanka. Army of Ravan know that than the think Hanuman is powerful than ravan. Than Army of Ram is more strong the Ravan. Ravan all army is destroy than ravan think why my army is destroy. Ravan found that when the Ram army attack  the ravan army ther say jai shree ram. 

Ravan write the Ram word in the all army of cloth. Than ram army does not attack the  Ravan army. When Ram know that they say his army The Ravan army does not believe my name only he write my name in his cloth. 

Ravan is weak at last Ravan is also come the battle field. First ram attack the Ravan head Ravan doesn't harm again attack middle of head and neck no effect the Ravan. Ram don't know which body part of Ravan is weak. Than ram know the Stomach is the weak point of Ravan. Than ram attack the Ravan stomach than Ravan dead.

Now I think you know who is great according to my thought Ram is great. because Ram teach the Knowledge of Humanity in this modern age.

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