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Panch Pandav nagar

The Pandav is the son of Pandu Kunti and Ashwini. It is belong to Mahabharat. In this section we will totally describe about the History of Pandu And son of  Pandav. Also we describe the the Pandav Brother Wife and His Nagar.

Pandu is the Princes of Hastinapur. Pandu has two brother Dhritarashtra and Sanjaya. The main problem of Hastinapur is Dhritarashtra was blind. Pandu Kunti wife and husband. There is no king in Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra is want to the king. The problem of Blind does not make him King. Than Pandu and Kunti is the king and queen of Hastinapur.

The king of Hastinapur Pandu is goes to visit the another State near of the Hastinapur. There Pandu marriage the second time with Ashwini. Now the Kunti and Ashwini is the wife of Pandu. The culture of Hastinapur is king goes to jungle to hunting. Ashwini see the Golden Deer and say the Pandu i want the golden dear. 

Pandu attack with bow Then the Deer is invisible and visible the Sadu or Brahmacharya. That Brahmacharya curse to the Pandu You will never born your baby means you did not able to produce a son. Pandu was sock pandu is the king and he want to a Prince. Say this problem to Pitamaha. Pandau feel the guilty and make decision to go to the Jungle with his wife. 

Pandu goes to the jungle and Pace of king is empty in Hastinapur. Than the King is make the Dhritarashtra. Pandu spend the life in the jungle. Kunti has capable to birth a baby with the pray god. she have capable to born a baby with the imagination of god. She say to Pandau. Pandau is so happy. Pandu Kunti and Ashwini goes to top of the hill and pray the Good with imagination Kunti pray the 3 god and Ashwini pray the 2 god. Kunti gives power to  Ashwini to give birth the baby. The Pandau was so happy because Pandau has 5 Son. 

Pandav name and Pandav Nagar

The name of All Pandu son is Yudhisthria, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, Sahadev. Yudhisthira is good habit and good knowledge about humanity. Bhim has strong he have the equal of 5 elephant Power. Arjun is very good in bow or archer Nakul and Sahadav great his Ayurvedic. Pandu son is also known as Panch pandav

Pandu and Ashwini is dead and the Hastinapur know about the Pandu and Ashwini. Kunti and five Pandav goes Hashtinapur. The Dhritarashtra son was not happy with five Pandav. First son of Dhritarashtra want to make king then the Son of Dhritarashtra separate the Pandv son as Pandau and he is Kaurav. Kaurav is the Child of the king of Hastinpur.

All the Prince of Hastinapur goes to Gurukul or School to learn the knowledge from Guru Dronacharya. Dronacharya teach the princess of Hastinapur and his sone a same time period. After the complete the Knowledge all the princess goes to Hashtinapur.

The Citizen of Hastinapur is discuss the next King. Citizen wan to yudhisthria to king as a Pandav. The First son of Dhritarashtra Duryodhan also make the next king. Pandav and Kaurav figth with the next king. 

Pitamaha divided the Hastinapur with Two part one is Kaurav and another is Pandav. Then the Pandav nagar is a Indraprastha. Duryodhan was angry because he make the king of whole Hastinapur.

Then Duryodhan destroy the indraprastha. Make the battle field with Pandav and Kaurav. This battle field is also known as a Mahabharat.

In another post  we will discuss the What happen in the battle war in Kurukshetra. 

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