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Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna is the Vishnu avatar. All Hindu celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami in the date of birth. Krishna is a born in Matura. Actually why Hindu worship  the Krishna and Janmashtami.

In all the Yuga Vishnu takes a avatar to save the humanity. In Dwapar Yuga Vishnu take a avatar as a Krishna. Krishna has a one of the types of weapon as name is Chakra. It is also known as a Sudarshan Chakra. Hindu people has confused why we celebrate the Krishna Jansmashtami. I will explain why Hindu people celebrate the Janmashtami.

Why Krishna Janmashtami celebrate? 

To know the celebrate of Krishna Janmashtami we know the Krishna life story. Krishna is born in Palace of Kans inside the prison. Kans is the uncle of Krishna. Kans destroy the humanity. Kans fight with king of heaven Indra. Kans win the battle. All the Hindu got want to destroy the Kans so the Vishnu take a avatar as a human life. Kans know the krishna was born to destroy him. So kans keep inside the Krishna father and mother inside the prison.

When Krishna was born than father and mother send to Krishna Vrindavan. Krishna spend childhood in Vrindavan. Krishna was a child then Kans know Krishna was already born and Krishna father mother is escape the krishna from Kans prison.

Than kans send to monster to kill the Krishna. Always Krishna kill the monster and Krishna win. This process is continue every day. One another story is famous When time to come worship the Indra. Indra is the king of heaven.

Than  krishna avoid the Vrindavan villagers to worship of Indra. When Indra know that Indra sent a army to rainfall. Rainfall continue in Vrindavan. All tree and forest destroy the rainfall of Indra.

Then krishna Break the Goverdhan Parvat and keep goverdhan parvat in his small finger. Army of Indra sent a thunder sock to the Goverdhan parvat. But the power of Krishna Goverdhan Parvat doesnot destroy. 

Indra Loose and goes to meet Krishna than Vishnu know the reality of Krishna. Know that Krishna is a Vishnu avatar.

Krishna complete a 12 year old and invite Kans to fight him and escape from the Kans prison. Krishna goes to Matura and fight with Kans and kill the kans and Krishna meet the first time Father and mother.

Than Matura villagers is independent and worship the Krishna and Krishna date of birth as a janmashtami. Krishna win the battle than Krishna never go to the vrindavan. Krishna leave the Vrindavan. Make his own Nagri as a Dwarika Nagri. 

Now this year 2022 Dwarika Nagri is in inside the Ocean. It happen by the cursed of Ghandhari.

How to celebrate the Krishna Janmastami

All the country of Hindu has different different types of culture to celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami. We cover to this topic as the example of Nepal Hindu. In percentage Nepal is the biggest Hindu country than India, Fiji, Srilanka, Bangladesh. 

Nepali Hindu celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami. In the day of Janmashtami Prepare the decoration in any temple like Hanuman Shiva. It is awesome fact the Nepali Hindu does not separate the  temple like it is Shiva bhakti it is Vishu bhakti. In one temple worship all the Hindu god.

In night all the People dance in Krishna bajan. At the mid of night Makes virtual setup as a Krishna born.

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