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Karna vs Arjun

Karna and Arjun is the character of Mahabharat. In this section we will compare between Karna and Arjun. If you want to know who is great Karna or Arjun than you comes write place to Know who is great. Actually people think Krishna is a Karna side than Karna is great. It is totally mistake by people. Don't worry now we will solve this mistake.

According to know who is great first we know the life story of Karna and Arjun.

Life story of Karna and Arjun

Karna and Arjun mother is same Kunti. Karna is born when Kunti is teenager. Adhiratha and the Radha adopt the Karna. Karna is the big brother. Arjun is young than Karna. Arjun and Karna is Satriya cast. Karna is adopt than Karna is not Satriya. Karna is Sut caste. Satriya allowed to play and learn the Knowledge of  weapon but the Karna caste does not allowed to play and learn with Weapon. Arjun father is Pandu and god father is Indra. Indra is the King of heaven. Karna real father is Surya Dev. Surya dev is sun. Karna born with his body Armor.

Karna body armor is very powerful. Lord of Shiva weapon also does not break the Karna armor. Karna armor is made with the Amrit or Pure water. Arjun is the princess of Hastinapur. Arjun Learn the knowledge of bow from the Dronacharya and make the great archer. Karna also make the archer due to his caste Community doesn't allowed to learn the bow.

Karna leave this place and goes to teacher of Arjun. Arjun teacher does not teach the Sut caste. Than Karna goes to Purshuram. Purshuram is the Vishnu avatar. Purshuram only teach the brahmin but Karna is Satriya Than Karna say i am a brahmin. Ready to teach knowledge.

After the complete of Knowledge Karna goes to Hastinapur to prove karna is best archer. Karna and Dhuryodhan is best friend. Dhuryadhan is the princess of Hastinapur. Dhuryodhan gives to one state to the Karna. Now Karna is the king Ang states. I know the this name is difficult to pronounce Ang. 

Arjun is marry with Draupadhi and Subatra. Karn is marry with Vrisala. Karna has 3 son and Arjun has 1 son. Karna is respect all person. Karna is Donating all thing. Karna respect the brahmin. When the Krishna say Karna is great than Arjun does not believe than Krishna prove the Karna infront of Arjun. After the starting the War Than krishna and Kunti reveal the Karna identity. Karna is depressed he cannot killed and fight with his own brother. Karna promise To Kunti I shouldno't kill my brother except Arjun.

Who is Great warrior Karna or Arjun

Krishna say Karna is Great. Karna is defeat you and your father Indra also Karna defeat the Me. I know the Karna is great and It is difficult to defeat Karna so your father grad the Karna armor. 

Also Bishma pitamaha say karna is great and mater in archer. I know the Karna is defeat the arjun with out krishna. So i don't want to take you in war. Pitama already know the Reality of karna. So the pitamaha  send Karna always far from Arjun.

Here we see the Krishna and Pitamaha what he think about the Karna and Arjun. It is say the directly or indirectly Karna is great. According to Krishna quotes we see the Karna is great. All person has different views sa don't angry with our views. It is totally Difficult to say who is great. So different people have different answer.

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