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Hanuman Jayanti - krishna quotes

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman is the Hindu god. Hanuman is the Rudra avatar of Shiva. Shiva is also known as Mahadev. Hanuman is the immortal. Hanuman never die. If you are confused why Hindu celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti. Than you are come a write Place. Today we will describe the life lesson of Hanuman, In their life lesson of hanuman their is hidden the why Hindu celebrate the hanuman Jayanti.

Hanuman is also known as a Bajrangbali. Hanuman is the citizen of the kishkinda. The king of the kishkinda is Sugriv. When the Sita is kidnap by Ravan Than ram comes to kishkinda to meet the Sugriv to help the ram finding the sita. Ram and Hanuman first time meet. Hanuman see the Ram face is glow. Inside the Ram of Spirtual energy Hanuman Known that Ram is the Vishnu avatar.

All the army of Kishkinda divided in to many groups and goes to find the sita. Ram meet the hanuman and say I know you are the genus I believe you find the Sita. Hanuman You can Believe me yes. Hanuman Think the ram was a difference. Hanuman learn the different types of knowledge. 

Goes to find Sita. Their is don't know about the sita. Days is convert to moth. Any body does not where is sita. All the Army goes to kishkanda with out Imformation of sita. Only the group of Hanuman is now searching the sita. When the near of the sea hanuman group is seat in ocean.

Their is one bird. The bird is know where is sita. Bird say the hanuman sita is in the Lanka. Lanka is the king Ravan Place. Lanka is the far from this ocean. Group of hanuman team is say it is difficult to cross the ocean. They try to lot of practice to cross the ocean. Jamuwan kaka is known the Fact of hanuman. Who is avatar of hanuman and hanuman have the super power. Hanuman forget is super power in the children age.

Jamuwan kaka say the hanuman can cross this ocean by flying. Hanuman try to flying. Hanuman try four or five times than successfully fly the hanuman in sky than go hanuman to lanka.

Hanuman meet the sita. Sita want to come ram and fight and kill Ram. Hanuman goes to Kiskanda with out sita. Army of Ravan catch the hanuman. Hanuman destroy the Ravan lanka. Than group of Hanuman is goes to kiskinda. Say this information to Ram.

Ram and army of kishkinda goes to to lanka. Hanuman can be fly but other not. Than army make the Ram setu bride to cross the Ocean with out flying. In this modern age that bridge name is Adam's bridge. Battle should be star than ram win. 

In that victory of Ram. Hanuman is most important part of victory. So the Hindu Celebrate the Hanuman jayanti.

Hanuman Jayanti Celebrate

How to Celebrate Hanuman jayanti in USA

Actually the main Hindu country is Nepal and India. Lowest percentage of hindu is in the USA. Mainly in USA their is Bangladesh India fiji and Nepal hindu Celebrate the Hanuman jayanti. Make the virtual Sceen of Battle field of Ramayan And celebrate the Hanuman jayanti.

In some states make the Fake Ravan Clone. Attack with bow and destroy the clone with fire and celebrate the hanuman jayabti in USA.

What types of Knowledge you can learn from hanuman?

There is uncountable knowledge that you can get but some knowledge are listed below you can learn from hanuman:

1) Believe yourself.

2) Think positive

3) Obey you Parents 

4) Always take ready to learn the knowledge 

5) Always be thankful

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