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Brahmacharya is the spiritual process to strong the mind and to avoid from lust. In this section we learn the Brahmacharya Process and How to follow the Brahmacharya Rules. To make the Brahmacharya in life. Brahmacharya is the follow the Path of life as a Brahma dev. So it is also called the Brahmacharya. Brahma dev is the Tri dev of Hindu god. Brahmacharya is not  say  the marriage life is bad. Brahmacharya say You can marry after the 25 year age.

Brahmacharya life is should be start from the 12 to 13 years old and 25 years to whole life. There is choice between the should be follow the 25 years old or whole life.

If they choose the Whole life than should be follow the Brahmacharya rules in whole life. They choose the 25 years old up to brahmacharya than they can marriage. There are different types of brahmacharya. 

Other human who is not brahmacharya that say the Brahmachari is worth of the life. They have not actual meaning of Brahmacharya life and benifits of Brahmacharya. Should be away from girls it is directly insulting the girls. It is not insulting the girls It is the rules of Brahmacharya.

The Nature give the Girls body is suitable and body support the Brahmacharya rule and life. So Swami or teacher does not force to follow the brahmacharya. Same this process see at the side of boy than nature of boys body should not support the Brahmacharya life. 

Boys need lot of difficult to follow the brahmacharya than the girls. It is the main reason so the brahmacharya community want to Young boy.

Their is misconception Brahmacharya can not do marry it is harm the Brahmacharya it is totally wrong. Should be marry it is not harm. 

Benefits of Brahmacharya

Their is lot of benefits to get when the follow the Brahmacharya is correct way some benefits are listed below:

1) Lust should not come. Away from lust.

2) Ability to control the sense.

3) Over thinking should be gone. Brain is free from over thinking.

4) Increase the power of bone and muscles

5) Working speed of brain is Multiply the 2 times.

6) Faces is glow. Clean faces without pimple.

7) Disease should be away from the body.

Brahmacharya rules

It is the some benefits of the Brahmacharya. Hope you get the Benefits Brahmacharya now we see the some rules of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya Rules Import for Brahmacharya

The rules of brahmacharya is most important to follow the every human. Not only the Brahmacharya. It rules develop the body language, Communication skill Focus of mind. In this modern age community does not want to make the his son to Brahmacharya. 

If you does not make the brahmacharya than don't worry start the follow the rules of Brahmacharya. It gives you success in your life.

Let describe the some rules of Brahmacharya thar are listed below.

1) Early get up 4 o'clock in morning.

2) First bath .

3) Do meditation and yoga after the bath.

4) Read the spiritual book.

5) First drink water in your empty stomach. 

6) Avoid from movies television.

7) Does not use onion and garlic in your food.

8) Sleep fast up to 8 o'clock.

9) Avoid from the lust. If lust want to control your mind than read the Hanuman Chalisa.

10) continue this process daily.

Top real life brahmacharya

Now we are listed the name of real brahmacharya person that are successfull in life. They are listed below:

Gautham Buddha  

Gautham buddha real name is siddhartha Gautham. Buddha is born in the Limbuni. Gautham buddha is the princess. Buddha leave his kingdom to Know the Aatma Gyan (soul knowledge). Buddha is invented the buddhisiam. Now in this modern age buddhisiam is the fourth largest religion in this world.

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda is the monk. He has know the benifits of brahmacharya. He has very strong mind and his face is glow. He say we waste our seman only for one sexual thought. Brahmacharya is a part of Human life.

Aacharya Chanakya

Aacharya Chanakya is the great philosopher. Chankaya destroy the Maghad kingdom. That Kingdom king is very bad he don't know the rule of king. Chanakya write a book. Chanakya also save the kingdom from Alexgender. Chanakya is the teacher of Chandragupt Maurya.

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